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As the one of the largest Horticultural and Landscape contractor in the country, Torre & Bruglio, with Frank Torre as CEO, is responsible for some of the most massive horticultural and landscape undertakings in Michigan and throughout the country.

Some of the more notable landmark projects led by Frank Torre are below:

Penske Corporation
– Frank Torre’s company provides horticultural management services around the country for Penske dealerships.


Comerica Park – Torre & Bruglio Sports Division, with Frank Torre at the head of the operation, built the athletic field for the Detroit Tigers.


Chrysler World Headquarters – Frank Torre is responsible for one of the largest landscape installations in the country is the premier provider of horticultural and landscape management services at the Chrysler World Headquarters, and at the property in Auburn Hills, MI.


Michigan State Fair – between 1997-2001, Frank Torre brought back the original luster and appeal of the Michigan State Fair which attracted visitors nationwide.


Somerset Collection – Frank Torre received a National Award for the work performed on one of the nation’s premier shopping malls.


Detroit Metropolitan Airport – Frank Torre received two Beautification Awards for his horticultural and landscape management services for the Detroit Metro Airport Authority.


Detroit Zoo – Frank Torre is responsible for the horticultural renovation and ongoing maintenance of the world  famous Detroit Zoo.


Detroit River Promenade – Frank Torre is responsible for the installation and maintenance of the major “lifestyle” walkway along the Detroit River.


Chene Park – Frank Torre received a National Award for the Horticultural and Landscape management performed at the famous Chene Park in downtown Detroit.


Revitalization of Downtown Jefferson (Gateway Project) – Frank Torre initiated the revitalization of Downtown Jefferson along with his friend and colleague, former Detroit Mayor Dennis Archer, who commissioned the project and formally applauded the efforts that were put into the project by Frank Torre.


Hart Plaza – Frank Torre initiated the “Keeping our streets clean” initiative to maintain and manage all landscape and horticultural services for all summer events at the Detroit’s Hart Plaza.


Comerica Taste Fest – Frank Torre’s company, partnered with Comerica Bank to maintain the “New Center” area during the famous Taste Fest even in downtown Detroit.


Campus Martius – Frank Torre teamed up with Detroit 300 Inc., in the design, installation and maintenance of Campus Martius Park, Detroit’s version of the famous “Rockefeller Plaza” in New York.